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Mineral-Xi: industrial affiliates program of Mineral-X

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Stanford Mineral-Xi is a membership-based industrial affiliates program. The purpose of the program is to foster research, innovation and acceleration to a renewable energy future. Our program focuses on technological innovation needed to create a resilient mineral supply chain to achieve clean renewable energy. Our program will also develop new pathways in the Mineral-Energy nexus, such as geothermal energy and renewable energy resources that enable a decarbonized mineral supply chain.

Faculty Directors:

Professor Jef Caers, Professor of Earth and Planetary Sciences, and, by courtesy, of Geophysics.

Professor Rodney Ewing, Professor of Earth and Planetary Sciences, Senior Fellow, Precourt Institute for Energy,  Co-director, Center for International Security and Cooperation.

Mykel Kochenderfer, Associate Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics and, by courtesy, of Computer Science

Membership Tiers:

Standard Member: $100K 

  • Company will be invited to critical mineral supply chain workshops at Stanford. 
  • Company will be invited to bi-annual Mineral-X technology research retreat at Stanford
  • Company will be invited to engage with Mineral-X faculty and scientists through
    • Preferred access to short courses in Data Science and AI for mineral exploration and mining. 
    • Mineral-X global community slack channel. 
    • Company visits by Mineral-X faculty and scientists.
  • Company will have the opportunity to send a visiting scholar to Mineral-X.
  • Company will receive invitations to attend Stanford Energy events.
  • Company will receive assistance, if desired, in arranging interviews between individual students and Company representatives.
  • Company will receive early preprints and reprints of copies of (or early access to) research reports, papers, and other publications originated by those faculty and students associated with the Mineral-X program.

 Core member $200K (includes the benefits above plus:)

  • Company will receive extra engagement with Mineral-X faculty and scientists
  • Company will receive expert support in using and adapting Mineral-X technologies.
  • Company will join advisory board.

Inaugural founding member $300K 

  • Annual workshop with Stanford researchers on critical-mineral supply at Stanford University. 
  • Opportunities to host scholars supported by affiliates in the Mineral-X lab, subject to university requirements.
  • Bi-annual research retreats at Stanford or another hosting place of choice.
  • Access to meetings with professors who enable in-depth investigations on the topic of using and adapting Mineral-X technologies.
  • Research collaborations are featured on the Mineral-X website.
  • Joint seminar on mining technology ventures open to all members, focusing on speakers that help accelerate academic research into real-world applications as well as encourage entrepreneurship of Stanford students.
  • Join the industrial affiliate advisory board.

Additional Program FundingAll Mineral Xi Memberships are subject to Stanford University Policies for Industry Affiliates Programs. Companies may provide additional funding to be used to support a particular area of research identified on our website. The director of the Affiliate Program will determine how the additional funding will be used in the program’s research. All research results funded by our affiliates fees are shared with all program members and the public.

Read Mineral-Xi brochure ⇥

The Mineral-Xi program is governed by the Stanford University Policies Affecting Industrial Affiliates Program Memberships.

Please contact the Program Managing Director, David Zhen Yin ( for more information.


David Zhen Yin

Program Managing Director, Stanford Mineral-X