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Mineral-X 2024 Symposium Event Recordings

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Mineral-X 2024 Overview

The annual Mineral-X Symposium at Stanford University is Silicon Valley’s premier conference on critical minerals. There were more than 250 high-level attendees, including government officials, senior executives, managers, and scientists from the mining industry, clean-tech investors, and non-governmental organizations, as well as critical mineral end-users and academic scholars. The meeting agenda consists of keynote addresses and panel discussions on the technological advances needed to enhance critical mineral supply and the environmental and human challenges.

Symposium Recording 

Helaina R. Matza, Acting Special Coordinator for the Partnership of Global Infrastructure Investment, U.S. Department of State  
Peter Handley, former European Commission Deputy to the Director, Head of Unit, DG GROW   
Moderator: Kurt House, CEO, KoBold Metals 

Damian Burch, Director of Data Science, KoBold Metals  
Fanuel K Banda, Chief Mining Engineer, Kobold Zambia

Connie Chan, General Partner, Andreessen Horowitz   
Ryosuke Sasaki, Project Lead, Mitsubishi Corporation (Americas)  
Rajesh Swaminathan, Partner, Khosla Ventures Francis MacDonald, CEO Li-FT  
Moderator: Shievani Upadhyay, Stanford Graduate School of Business

Jack Masangu, Deputy CEO, Gecamines  
Jocelyn Kelly, Director of Gender Rights & Resilience, Harvard Humanitarian Initiative 
Nina Astillero, ESG Director, Ioneer, Women in Mining representative   
Moderator: David Yin, Managing Director, Mineral-X

Lunch talk by Michael Strevens, Professor of Philosophy, New York University

Laura Blanco, ESG Director, Xcalibur Smart Mapping 
Thais Laguardia, Director of ESG & Safety, Ero Brasil 
Chad Yeftich, VP Corporate Development & External Affairs, Ioneer   
Moderator: Doris Hiam-Galvez, Senior Advisor @ Hatch | Board Director

Sarah Ryker, USGS Associate Director for Energy & Mineral Resources  
Inacio Melo, President, Geological Survey of Brazil  
Dr. Nguyen Van Nguyen, Deputy Director General, GDGMV, Vietnam GS  
Grace Okpala, Director, National Geosciences Information Centre, Nigeria   
Moderator: Andres Blanco, CEO, Xcalibur Smart Mapping

David Strang, CEO, Ero Copper  
Simon Jowitt, Professor of Economic Geology, University of Nevada Reno  
Peter Lightfoot, Chief Geologist, Nickel, KoBold Metals  
Francis MacDonald, CEO Li-FT   
Moderator: John Thompson, PetraScience, Kobold Metals

Teo Hage, Australia & Asia Managing Director, Xcalibur Smart Mapping  
Jack Muir, Head of Machine Learning, Fleet Space Technologies  
Doug Schouten, CTO & Co-Founder, Ideon Technologies  
Moderator: Tom Hunt, VP of Technology, Kobold Metals

Mineral-X 2024 Symposium Speakers