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Mineral-X Launch Symposium

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June 20-21, 2023, Stanford University 

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Critical Minerals: efficient exploration & responsible mining”, 

June 20-21, 2023, at Frances C. Arrillaga Alumni Center on the Stanford Campus. 

The conference will be attended by senior executives, managers and scientists from the mineral exploration, mining industry, clean tech investors, academia, government and non-governmental organizations as well as end-users of critical minerals. The symposium will consist of keynote addresses and panel discussions on the technological advances needed to enhance critical mineral supply as well as the environmental and human challenges. The symposium will cover the following topics:

  • Critical Minerals: from exploration to batteries
  • Cobalt Red: How the Blood of the Congo Powers Our Lives
  • What is Mineral-X?
  • Artificial intelligence research for the critical mineral supply chain
  • Exploration and responsible mining in the Zambian Copperbelt
  • The role of Brazil in producing decarbonized metals
  • The future of lithium-ion batteries and their geological origin
  • Community engagement in US Lithium exploration and mining
  • Mapping the United States critical minerals
  • Responsible mining, community engagement & Indigenous people's rights

We invite you to pre-register for the event. Limited space is available.

This is an in-person only event. 

Stanford Campus
Conference / Symposium

Mineral-X Launch Symposium

Critical Minerals: efficient exploration and responsible mining

Frances C. Arrillaga Alumni Center
Stanford, CA 94305
United States